Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

Kupon Jalan Sehat

Cetak kupon jalan sehat ukuran 15 cm x 7 cm cuma dengan harga Rp 400 / biji, dengan bahan art paper 150 gsm. Seperti contoh di bawah ini :
Bagi yang berminat untuk pesan, langsung datang saja ke Toko Lestari Jaya di Jl. Darmawangsa
 8 No. 17 Surabaya.
Jangan Lupa Komennya Ya....!!!

Selasa, 21 Mei 2013

Download RaidCall

RaidCall is a FREE and powerful text/voice group communication software.

RaidCall is a free, elegant and simple tool that allows you to instantly communicate with groups of people. It brings together elements of instant messaging, group communication and voice chat into a professional group communication software. Furthermore, it is the best choice of gamers while gaming. RaidCall devotes high quality voice service to gamers, bringing completely a new experience for its unmatched functionality and powerful features.
RaidCall is a handy, easy to use voice chat application for groups. It is mainlly intended for gaming but it can be used for any kind of activity.


Powerful Overlay:
  • Raidcall Overlay is a built-in Flash-based engine which enables you to freely use Raidcall within any game. You may chat, talk, and even watch walkthrough videos without ever having to leave the game.

    Social Network:
  • You can meet plenty of new friends in the Raidcall network, or use Raidcall to track down your buddies.

    Crisp & Smooth Audio Quality:
  • Raidcall relies on the most popular and powerful audio-engine, Speex, to effectively reduce noise and promote audio quality. Raidcall offers near-perfect audio communication within your game.

    Minimum Latency:
  • Raidcall utilizes UDP as communication protocol, therefore significantly shortens delay when compared to the TCP Protocol used by other VoiP systems. With advanced packet recovery Algorithm, Raidcall offers real-time voice-chat for your game, allowing your team to communicate with greater efficiency and Precision.

    Light & Fast:
  • Raidcall is swift and light. The software only takes up 10MB of RAM and 0.77-1.55% of your CPU resource. Raidcall is designed to be as fast and slick as possible so your game may run smoother and FASTER.

    Privacy/Authorization Schemes:
  • Raidcall is pre-built with different Privacy Setting and Authorization Schemes that allows you to assign different authority to different characters based on channels. This feature is designed to help you to better manage your guild and team.
  • Sabtu, 18 Mei 2013

    Contoh Produk Digital Printing

    Undangan Ulang Tahun (Art Paper)

    Spanduk Warung (Frontlite)

    Sticker Branding Mobil (Sticker Graftac)

     X-Banner Outdoor (Frontlite)
    X-Banner Indoor (Albatros,PVC)

    Download Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Full Lisensi Key Until 2075 [Mediafire]

    BitDefender Total Security 2013 Full Serial License Untill 2075 merupakan antivirus terbaru yang diluncurkan oleh BitDefender. Antivirus ini mempunyai fitur paling lengkap dibandingkan BitDefender Antivirus dan BitDefender Internet Security. Banyak juga situs review yang mengatakan BitDefender Total Security 2013 Full merupakan antivirus terbaik di dunia. Saya juga sudah menyertakan license key yang bisa dipakai sampai tahun 2075 tanpa takut untuk ter-blacklist.

    Minimum System Requirements:

    • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) , Vista (SP2), Microsoft Windows 7 (SP1), Microsoft Windows 8 
    • CPU 800 MHz 
    • 1 GB RAM 
    • Disk Space: 1.8 GB 
    • .NET Framework 3.5

    BitDefender Total Security 2013 Full License Key Until 2075 - Mediafire
    License Key ini juga dapat digunakan untuk BitDefender Antivirus 2013 dan BitDefender Internet Security 2013. Silahkan uninstall terlebih dahulu antivirus luar negeri yang masih terpasang di PC anda (jika ada).

    Title : BitDefender Total Security 2013 Full License Key Until 2075
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    Category : Antivirus
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    Semoga bermanfaat AMIN